Celebrate an Upcoming Birth

Celebrate an Upcoming Birth

Hire a professional baby shower planner in El Dorado, AR

If you're preparing to throw a baby shower for a loved one, friend or coworker, there are lots of things to consider. Let Premier Planning & Events handle all the details, including:

  • Finding a location
  • Planning the menu
  • Deciding on a theme
  • Arranging fun activities
  • Securing favors for the guests

You want to create a memorable day for someone, but you also want to enjoy it yourself - so why not let us deal with the stress? Call 870-866-1681 today for a reliable baby shower planner in Arkansas.

You'll be able to focus on the fun

Working with an expert event planner ensures that everything will be taken care of as scheduled. If you need food prepared, we'll arrange for a caterer. If you need pictures taken, we'll line up a talented photographer. You can focus your efforts on making sure the guest of honor is having a great time, instead of setting out napkins or blowing up balloons.

Discover the joy of working with a professional event planner today.